About Antonia

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Who is Antonia?

A Northern Irish fashion designer based in inspiring York, aiming to create beautiful clothing for real women. On a mission, to make women feel confident and fabulous. The Design Director of Antonia Houston Couture, Antonia works relentlessly to create incredible, show stopping pieces of fashion, including spectacular bridal wear. In fact, choose any day or time, and you’ll find her “playing” in her spacious design studio in York. Experimenting with different fabrics, colours and shapes, to create gorgeous pieces of art.
Her first and ongoing venture though, was Blossom and Belle. An innovative brand creating post maternity and children’s wear. Flattering, comforting fabrics, and a great way for Antonia to target an entire new market with her stylish fashion. During York Fashion Week, on 20th April, she’ll be showcasing some of these pieces at an event at Pairings Wine Bar as a collaboration event with West Plum Studio.
Antonia Houston Couture will be launching York Fashion Week at Bettys, with her Yorkshire Dandy Collection, in collaboration with Knot & Bloom and Meiji Designs. A stunning collection comprising of Yorkshire Tweeds, sourced locally from Marton Mills in Swaledale, soft silks and exquisite tailoring.